Hi there, and thanks for stopping by! I am now available for embedded systems contracting work. If you're developing connected devices, I have nearly a decade of experience and can help with everything from hardware design, firmware, software and infrastructure, to operations and information security ^_^

If you have a problem you think I would be well suited to solving (or you'd like to chat or a copy of my CV) please do get in contact via linkedin or email to ryan AT kurte DÖT nz, or schedule a meeting via calendly.

Projects and Undertakings

purplecon (2018-2019)

A wholesome defensive security conference held in Wellington, New Zealand

Vortec UAV (2015-2020)

Developing novel thrust vectoring drones as a stable platform for film and other industry.

Rust Embedded (2015-now)

Maintainer for the rust-embedded project, helping to improve rust support for embedded devices.

Rust IoT (2018-now)

Founder of a community for Internet of Things driver development and maintenance.

Online Me